Our Services

Production of Organic Fertilizers, Compost and Soil Amendment Products

We produce and sell quality organic fertilizers and fortified soil fertilizing composts and soil amendments. Our products include a general compound organic fertilizer, an organic fertilizer suited for potted plants and flower gardens and a fortified nutrient rich fertilizer. Our products are competitively priced and have consistently yielded quality produce for farmers.

Customized Organic Fertilizer and Compost

We formulate organic fertilizers specific for your farming venture after carrying out a soil analysis. We use locally available organic matter including animal manure, market wastes, farm remains, slaughterhouse refuse. We fortify with nutrient enhancing materials like rock phosphate, fish matter, tithonia to achieve the desired levels of NPK, C:N ratio, micronutrients, pH and other parameters for a quality organic fertilizing and soil amendment agent.

Composting & Organic Fertilizer production Consultation for Slaughterhouses, animal farms, flower farms, institutions etc.

You can turn the organic waste from your venture into quality farm compost or even a commercial grade organic fertilizer! We train and assist on composting techniques for enterprises generating a substantial amount of organic wastes. Animal manure, food remains, slaughter refuse, farm remains, market wastes and other wastes are all ingredients for beautiful organic fertilizers that are currently in high demand.

Organic Farming Consultancy

Our organic farming expert is always at hand to advise and work with you on soil improvement and farming practices that guarantee you increased revenue for your farming venture, be it a greenhouse, shamba, commercial farm, etc.