Organic Fertilizers & Composting

Our Organic Fertilizers and Soil Fertilizing Business

We formulate, produce and sell organic fertilizers and soil fertilizing compost by using locally available animal manures, plant materials and other organic matter

We complement with nutrient enhancing materials and organic fortifiers to achieve high quality fortified fertilizers and soil amendments.

Our formulations are analyzed at reputable laboratories and have consistently recorded impressive levels of NPK, C: N ratio, micronutrients and other parameters, while keeping product costs at a competitive minimal level. We also formulate customized soil fertilizing and amendment products according to client specifications/ soil needs.

Part of our products range include: Organic Fertilizers specifically made for potted plants and flower gardens, packaged in convenient quantities for sale in shop shelves.

Our Specialization

  • Organic Farming
  • Organic Fertilizers
  • Composting
  • Organic Waste Management